Hal Fredericks

Hal Fredericks is an American composer based in Boston, Mass., USA.
After impressing Harold Fortuin with his remarkable composing abilities
in Baroque and Classical-era Classical music, Harold agreed to make him a Fortuitous Artist.

His Handel-style vocal fugue, for the 2015 campaign of Steve Camara for Fall River, MA City Council,
was broadcast hourly on WSAR AM 1480, also on streaming audio at wsar.com.
Two ads were created for the campaign: one with voices, and another edited outside Fortuitous using synthesizers.
(Harold sang bass and tenor, while his son Ben sang alto and soprano, which Harold combined in his audio studio.
Steve Camara did his own speaking.)

Hal is available for hire to compose music of exceptional quality
for broadcast and Internet media, or for your private occasion, and professional recording and production is also available.

Contact Harold Fortuin for further details: